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Sunday Link Love

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Kate Baer: When You Are Tightly Wound “The baby smells like a cheesesteak” was the most relateable part of this article in my opinion.

Easy DIY Flower Sunglasses
Buzzfeed: 27 Inspired Ways To Decorate Your Sunglasses Came across this list while looking for ways to salvage some (already hideous) shades my toddler destroyed. I NEED to make some of these super easy DIY flower sunglassesLove love love.

Bustle: What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening, or My Entire Life is a Lie Spot on, and a great article to save and read when you’re feeling like you don’t measure up. I do love lifestyle blogs and staged beauty and social media, but sometimes it’s nice to catch a deep breath and a peek at reality.

xoJane: Self-Care for Poor Folks: When Taking Care of Yourself Costs Money

Don’t Stop When You Are Remodeling Your Home

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The remodeling project that is started at the house must not be contained. Homeowners will begin to remodel their home and never finish. This is a problem for homeowners who have to live in a house that is always halfway through a construction project. Doing everything at one time helps to make the home a nicer place to live for the whole family. In fact, it is better for the family environmentally if they address more than the color of the walls or the new countertops.

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Reducing Water Usage

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Water can cost a pretty penny depending on where a person lives. In some regions, fees can make a standard water bill cost in excess of $60 without any water used. While these fees can be costly, people certainly don’t want to have water cost them any additional amount. In addition, the world only has so much water. Despite the amount that’s in the ocean, it’s unusable. The process to turn ocean water into drinking water is too costly. What’s left for use is fresh water sources and there is only so much of it. Cities are growing as the population all over increases. People need water, but the amount they’re using is often in excess.

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Sunday Link Love

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Buzzfeed: Can You Make It Through This Post Without Getting A Lady-Boner? Spoiler alert: No, you can’t.

PetFlow Blog: Baby Bath (Video) My husband sent me this video and it is so SQUEE! It wasn’t shocking to us as it is actually similar to the way we bathed our babies, especially our littlest. Obviously use common sense and follow your instincts but it makes sense that a baby fresh from the womb would prefer being submerged and cradled versus lying in a ‘baby bath’ getting sponged.

ABC: Dad-to-Be Uses GoPro to Record Wife Delivering Baby Outside Hospital (Article + video, which is censored and safe for work) This is the really realness of birth; Scary and intense and exciting and beautiful.

Logical Harmony: #NCLAxLogical Harmony Nail Wraps! Tashina is one of my oldest blogger friends and it is so exciting to see her and her brand blowing up! If you are vegan or interested in the vegan lifestyle, her vegan beauty blog is a must-read.


// I am currently working to change a lot of habits and practice more self-love, and part of that is setting aside more time for blogging and reading blogs again. Hopefully my Sunday Link Love posts will start getting longer & longer again!

I also like to check in periodically and say thank you for putting up with my sponsored/paid posts. They pay the bills and help give me the time and resources to maintain this blog. I will be continuing to give back with another round of giveaways here soon. As of right now, I still have a Spark of Amber Baltic Amber Teething Necklace giveaway, a Harvey Prince Journey fragrance giveaway, and a Mohawk Rug giveaway open, so take a moment to enter and win something fabulous for yourself!

I always feel awkward asking for donations but I also wanted to share our YouCaring page with my Alternative Housewife readers. If nothing else, it gives a detailed account of my husband’s illness and our lives. It was difficult and anxiety-provoking to write up but the outreach so far has been amazing. Thank you to my blog loves!

Sunday Link Love

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The Alpha Parent: How Breastfeeding Changes Your Brain Fantastic science-y read!

The Telegraph: Idle parenting means happy children

Tumblr: Critique My Dick Pic Not Safe For Work, obviously, but such an addicting blog! I love that she critiques only the composition of the photos, not bodies. It is very body-positive and sexy!

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