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Things I Love Thursday: Stroller Edition

Posted on | May 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

In lieu of this week’s Things I Love Thursday, I am dedicating this post to my love for Sebastian’s new stroller. I totally get how moms get obsessed with strollers now! Our simple Graco, combined with gorgeous weather in Portland this past week, has totally turned my mood around and saved my sanity.

Sebastian checking out a storefront sign from his stroller
Checking out a storefront sign.

This will sound weird to some of you, but I never thought we would have a stroller. I planned to babywear and didn’t even bother to register for a stroller. But my mother was set on taking Sebastian for walks, and she found us this Graco for $15 in near perfect condition. I am so glad that she did! I have been spending every nice day this week rollin’ the kid around our ‘hood. Having Sebastian in the stroller almost guarantees calm, so long as we are moving.

Yesterday we headed back to a store I came across over the weekend, Rewind in downtown Gresham. Few things I love more than a great consignment shop and this one was no exception – I found a perfect pair of (Ann Taylor) postpartum jeans for just $10! We also stopped into a children’s consignment store, All About Kids, where I purchased a Vtech – Baby’s Learning Laptop for Bas. He is obsessed with grabbing my computer and is thrilled with his new lappy.

Sebastian grabs onto sticky rice
Sweet sticky rice, sitting in Mama’s lap.

We ended Wednesday afternoon’s outing with dessert-for-lunch at Srivichai. (More photos from our meal here!) He happily munched on a spring roll, mango chunks and rice with coconut milk. He loves rice in general and was enthused about the coconut milk (which is great, as coconut milk is high in awesome fat for babies).

Thai Coffee at Srivichai
Thai Coffee.

I am really loving getting to know our neighborhood and doing some adult stuff while keeping Sebastian happy and engaged. It doesn’t hurt that he himself is a hit wherever we go, making it easy to be social. For awhile recently, I’ll be honest, I was feeling a bit down about the sacrifices of motherhood and always being tied down to an exhaustingly hard-to-entertain baby. Hopefully the stride continues and I can enjoy more leisurely walks, window shopping, and even make some mom friends this summer.

Sebastian crawls in the grass
Home again after a day of strollin’.


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Stroller Edition”

  1. Crystal
    May 6th, 2011 @ 12:23 AM

    Have you ever seen the movie “Away we go”? This post reminds me of the freak Mom with the stroller problem. “I LOVE my babies. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?” Haha.

    I think a stroller is a must-have when you have a baby. I pushed my niece around the mall in one and she loved it. She just enjoyed the ride and looked all around at everything in awe.

  2. Janine @ Alternative Housewife
    May 6th, 2011 @ 1:50 AM

    I was *thisclose* to putting a clip of that part of the movie into this post! I can relate to her character just a little, as baby carriers seemed more natural, but for my older baby, a stroller really gives him a chance to see things at his level. Next baby I will be sure to have a soft wrap carrier for when she ( ;) ) is a newborn and a stroller for later.

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