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Campout 2012 Jewelry Crafts

Each year our family attends a campout for adoptive families. My husband was adopted from South Korea, and the campout is made up of around 80-90 families with one or more adoptive children. We would love to someday attend as parents of an adopted child (My father is also an adoptee and it’s close to my […]

Craft Date: Twig Candle Holder + Beaded Necklaces

Last December I got together with my best friend/neighbor Brittanie to make DIY holiday wreaths. We hot glued and gossiped and vowed to do craft sessions at least once a month from then on out. Nine months later, we finally had a follow-up craft sesh yesterday. Inspired by Pinterest, Brittanie made Halloween luminaries (I’m hoping […]

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Desperate Housewives! I love it so much, and I even got the husband into it. We like to guess the upcoming plot lines and high-five each other when we get it right. The show is addicting, and an episode even made me cry. I’m bummed we’re on our last season on Netflix. ♥ My […]

My Birthday -Slash- Mother’s Day Wish List

Totally fitting, my first Mother’s Day as the mom of an outside-baby falls on my birthday! I will be a quarter-century on Sunday, May 8th. I am not one of those girls who is bummed about a birthday – I think it’s fabulous to celebrate yourself once a year even as an adult. I’m not […]

Things I Want Now – November 2010

Although we’re still getting the random sunny day, Portland weather is finally veering towards fall. Fall, like spring, is about makeovers – A new look, revamped wardrobe, rearranged furniture, and a yearly self-evaluation that will manifest itself into inevitable resolutions come January. As a new mom, a big part of fall this year is major […]

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