Fabulous green homemaking on a budget

The past week (or so) in pictures

Checking out fallen leaves on a late November walk. // Putting on makeup with Mama. New shoes (via Beyond the Rack). // && hot drinks. It’s been awhile since I wore this robe (c/o Paul Frank) and I love how the tie accentuates my 15-week baby bump. // I’m so happy that Sebastian is finally […]

Fowler Halloween 2012

Trick-or-treating, with costumes pulled straight from our closets. What were you for Halloween this year?

Campout 2012 Jewelry Crafts

Each year our family attends a campout for adoptive families. My husband was adopted from South Korea, and the campout is made up of around 80-90 families with one or more adoptive children. We would love to someday attend as┬áparents of an adopted child (My father is also an adoptee and it’s close to my […]

Sebastian’s “first” Easter and making traditions

As atheists, Donny and I are working to establish holiday traditions that are in line with our personal values while still allowing us to celebrate along with everyone else. I really want Sebastian (and future siblings) to be able to share holidays with friends and classmates, so we intend to celebrate Easter on the same […]

Creative play chalk stove

Sebastian really loves helping out in the kitchen. He helps me stir vegetables on the stove and shakes in the seasoning. He has even shelled his own hard-boiled eggs. He also loves playing with pots & pans and our big wooden spoons. Play food and kitchenware seemed like a no-brainer, so we bought a couple […]

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