Fabulous green homemaking on a budget

Green cleaning tips for entertaining

Preparing a clean and inviting home without the use of chemical cleaners may seem time-consuming and even intimidating. There was a time when my cleaning routine involved nothing more than spraying everything down with Windex and wiping with paper towels! Not only was my old method wasteful, it was also toxic… and left my entire […]

The Dream Team of Natural Cleaning

I won’t go on about the dangers of mainstream cleaning products. Just consider the smell when you use them and that should be a big clue. I prefer cleaning solutions that don’t require opening all of the windows. (OK, unless you really don’t like the smell of vinegar, but I promise you’ll get used to […]

5 Tips for Better, Happier Spring Cleaning

I personally love a good cleaning session. The kind that happen on the first day of spring are the best, offering the perfect chance for a fresh start and a new attitude for the new season. Following are a few of my tips, which will hopefully help even reluctant maids embrace the joy of spring […]