Fabulous green homemaking on a budget

Upgrade Your Area With a Rug from Mohawk

One of my least favorite things about our apartment is the wall-to-wall carpeting. I long for the character that wood flooring brings to a home, not to mention not having to worry about spilling things. One way I’ve found to deal with carpeted rooms is with area rugs. Single or layered, they add personality, texture and […]

Alternative Housewife fave brands on Zulily today

Zulily is currently featuring a couple of brands I’ve reviewed here on this blog, Leading Lady and Scout by Bungalow. (Actually, I still have a Leading Lady post coming, but they are already featured in my sidebar as affiliates – Love them!) I’m in major nesting mode right now and finding all things organization especially […]

Easy decor upgrade: Tablecloths

Many people think of tablecloths as somewhat outdated, but there are times when that perfect tablecloth can add just the right touch. Tablecloths are obviously great for holidays, making your table instantly festive. (For large weddings or other gatherings, use this tableclothsfactory coupon code for a discount on multiple items.) Tablecloths can be a great […]

Now on Zulily: Tropical decor & monkey butt baby pants!

If money was no object, this is the kind of decor I would splurge on – Comfortable and exotic-looking textiles, furniture and home accessories. Zulily takes some of the splurge out, with some pieces more than half off. You can find decorative doorknobs and even rugs for under $20 right now, although the collection is […]

Need right now: A new sofa!

A new couch is on our short list of next big purchases, as the one we have now is just not cutting it for a family of three. Husband and I have been through a few couches over the years, starting with the beat up and cigarette-burned (but so comfortable) reclining sofa in our first apartment and ending with the stiff loveseat we […]

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